Saturday, June 23, 2001

Sitting here watching "Sex in the City: Season 2" again. The kids are gone, but they've called and they're both fine. I've been doing laundry. Benjy has a ball game tonight at 4:30, then he has a make-up game at 8:00. Jeremy has a scrimmage at 7:00. Looks like a pretty full night for me. Which is cool. :)

Steven called this morning and asked if I was going to go to Amanda Hay's party tonight in Morehead. I do not want to go. Since the kids have ballgames I told him to go on without me. He's coming here after the party, though. I really would rather be alone but I didn't know how to tell him that, he seemed so excited to be coming over. I'm a bitch because I can't tell him what I really think.

Friday, June 22, 2001

I need to work on this some more before I figure out exactly how it works. I also need to change my name and take off the link I posted earlier. Then I think I'll make it public. :)

The kids are gone to Kyle's house. Jeremy went to Ashland with Joe Suttles, but he'll be going back up there when he gets home. (I guess.)

Benjy had a baseball game today, they played the Braves and lost, 4-0. I kept the official scorebook and I sucked at it really bad. Sat with Linda, Trish, and Roni.
Yup. I lost everything twice already. And I've only been on blogger about 30 minutes.

Jesus Christ. :P
Son of a bitch, I think I hate blogger already. It just lost everything I was trying to post?

The book I'm reading now:

This is a test